So, the new series of Celebrity Big Brother started last night, and I hear you screaming at the top of your voice – “WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?!?”

Well, I have done my interwebs research and spent my time in the Dairy Room and now I can tell you EXACTLY WHO IS IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE. Yeah, you’re welcome.

The Dairy Room. Where the celebrities are milked, LIVE

The Dairy Room. Where the celebrities are milked, LIVE

So, without further ado, let’s MEET THE CELEBRITIES!!!!

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So, the Better with Brita campaign has been completed, and I’m pleased to be able to share the winners with you, and their fantastic creations.

The aim of the BETTER WITH BRITA Campaign is  to discover cooks, bakers and food makers from across the country who shared BRITA’s passion for reading great food as it ought to be. Each of the entrants used filtered water to get the best taste possible and you should have already read my post announcing the top 10 shortlist. I even did a recipe that I entered myself, although it was bloody awful because I’m more a Super-Noodle sandwich kinda guy.

Better with Brita Final

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Yeah, I can’t be arsed typing out the full name, it’s Harry Potter 1.

The one without any acting in it. Because the kids are making me watch it. I wanted to watch Iron Man.

Harry Potter 1

So without further ado… Let’s indulge in untalented youngsters reading words written on boards without any emotion.

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The first in a planned trilogy of fantasy novels for ages 9+, The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham follows the adventures, and misadventures, of Rye O’Chanter, a young misfit girl who finds herself embroiled in mystery and intrigue as she gets involved with The Luck Uglies, a semi-mythical band of outlaws.

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So, we take a break from the usual madness to hear a special request from my pal Graham, star of Father Ted, Eurovision since Terry left and chat shows that are on past my bed time. Have a look at this here video and then see if you fancy a go at Graham’s He-Devil quiz to be in with a chance of meeting him as part of his UK tour (details below)…

But first, over to our Graham…

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I am Groot!

Yip Yip Yip!

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Some people say this blog is all ‘me me me’ and well, it kinda is, but sometimes I have the uncontrollable urge to pimp out other people who I think are awesome or who need their shit promoting or who paid me $5 to tell you they’re awesome on fiverr because I am a dirty whore. Well, that’s what this new feature type thing I’ve started will do. Admittedly, it might just be a one-shot, but y’know, it might work.

So without further faffery…

#1 Vikki Greer
AKA @TheBrakesy
AKA Horace The Vice Chancellor and Underlord of Sussex*


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