So, you’ve already had a ponder about Marvel cinematic universe (and if you haven’t go and do that now) and now we can get going with our marathon.

So here we go with Mr Downey’s offspring, mucking about in a metal onesie in IRON MAN

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So a new idea for my semi-pseudo-regular movie night, as I delve into the Marvel Universe for something of a marathon.

Ohhhh Yeah

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In which a hairy millionaire tramp demands we send money to this year’s trendy cause… anyway, here’s  a lyrical parody. Now go and donate some money to a proper charity.


Bob Geldof’s here – and theres no need to be afraid,
There’s Bono too, with sunglasses in the shade.
And in their world of plenty, they’ve got all their famous mates.
To make another song,
It’s Band Aid Time.

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Well, hello.

So, I think I’ve reached the pinnacle of ‘agreeing to review random things’ now, with this review of the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator.

Not much else for me to say, it’s all here in this video (14 minutes, so go for a wee first), which is surprisingly safe for work. Although why you’re watching vibrator reviews at work is beyond me.

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You and your mum both know i like a cup of coffee. In fact, you’ve probably seen me on Twitter at 1am bouncing off the walls complaining about not being able to sleep. Well, now I’m having coffee in an entirely different way. No, not dressed as a Mexican while riding a tame wildebeest, from an awesome Ozeri Serafino Thermo Glass.


A Glass of Coffee. YEAHHH

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Whorish Self-Pimpery.

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Fudgecrumpet

Quick post.

Whoring myself out.


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Hey everyone, did I tell you I got a new phone? Well I did and it’s awesome. Not only do I get more than 3 hours of battery life, I can also play with the plethora of funky apps and features that live on the internet and mock people who don’t have fancy new phones.

One app that I’ve discovered and found especially useful, if not utterly awesome, is KineMaster, a video editing app that lets me make funky movies without having to resort to the hateful wench that is Windows Movie Maker.



So what you’ve got here is an app that lets you record, edit and add music and such to your videos. Once you’ve done all that, you can upload your vids to YouTube, Facebook or whatever, and annoy your friends with your sub-par acting skills and unreasonable amount of saying ‘er’. Read the rest of this entry »