Well, thankfully we got Land of the Dead over and done with, and we’re on the lesser seen, more old-school Romero zombie movies. Tonight, it’s low-budget ‘found footage’ shakeycam fest – DIARY OF THE DEAD. More of a prequel-ish kinda affair, it deals with the first few days of the zombie apocalypse, at the ‘same time’ as Night of the Living Dead, all filmed on camcorders by folk who are too stubborn to turn the damn things off and run away.

Diary of the Dead

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Right, we’ve done the classic trilogy, now it’s just down to me to finish off the dregs of the Romero Zombie Saga. Let’s just be fairly quiet and not complain too much…

Land of the Dead

As you can probably tell from the EXCITED look on my face, this isn’t my favourite in the series. But, y’know, my loyal reading audience demands I endure such shittery for their entertainment, so here goes…

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Right then, we’ve done Night of the Living Dead, we’ve done Dawn of the Dead, we’ve taken a break for a modern zombie classic, now we have to start the inevitable decline in quality as we venture further into the realms of George A Romero’s zombie saga… Tonight, it’s Day of the Dead.
Day of the Dead
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So, before my Movie Night feature starts on it’s downward quality trajectory of Romero zombie films, after last time’s classic Dawn of the Dead, I thought I’d get a quickie post in about a new modern zombie classic, The Battery, released on DVD in the UK today (or yesterday, or 22nd July 2014, depending on when you read this).

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All those words you use to describe that ‘crazy’ guy at the office party who drinks Pernod and Blackcurrant and is the first to run to the dancefloor if anything from the mid-late 90s rave scene is played.

Well, meet that guy’s shirt…

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I give you gnat.co.uk‘s Dress Shirt (with the Classic Collar), a one-in-a-million shirt made from a completely random mixture of patterns, for the man that likes to look just that little bit different and special. Read the rest of this entry »

You ever have those kinda days when you’ve made a lot of cupcakes and you’ve promised your dad you’d bring some to work, but the missus won’t let you use the good Tupperware because last time you left it in the garden and a slug went on it? Yeah, we all do.

Well, that’s where a fancy cupcake box is needed, and if you want a cupcake box, you couldn’t go far wrong with one of these beauties from Millvale Bakery

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.

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So, yesterday, as an end-of term treat, we decided to take the kids to Stockeld Park, Wetherby for some sunny day shenanigans. It just so happened that I’d managed to blag free opening day VIP event tickets, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not going to give a biased review just because they gave me free BBQ, and plied Gem with wine in an actual wine glass (none of that plastic cup nonsense). No siree.

Luckily for them, we had a fantastic time and I don’t even need to be biased. Which saves me from having a moral dilemma.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a masterfully edited video of what we got up to, with carefully planned vertical video and all…
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