More Scroungey Goodness…

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
Ok, a couple more Scroungey things for ya in case you haven’t killed yourself due to boredom,
Matrix over at did a fancy colouring job on my Scrounge sketch, and now it looks all lovely and professional and such…

and here’s a work in progress of my Scrounge kitbash, which just looks like a Blackarachnia with no Spidery bits, but a bit of paint should sort that out. Also I’m going to grunge this up a bit, make him look a little more battle worn (then at least my home-made head won’t look as out of place)

Speaking of the head, I’ve made it out of some of the ‘liquid metal’ epoxy resin stuff we use to block up drilled holes on safes, but that still needs some work doing to it, filing down to give it sharper edges etc. Anyway, it just looks like a lump of grey lumpyness at the moment, so I’m not bothering with a photo of that yet….

Today, Al was sent a bunch of random old funny stuff he’s posted everywhere else and decided to include some of them in this blog…
Two people stood on a bridge, one says to the other ‘whats the current situation in taiwan?’, the other replies ‘well the economy is going strong and i love you,’ then they both jumped off the bridge and died, happy in the knowledge of their mutual love and the economic situation of a foreign country.

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