I’ve done me some painting! Scrounge Update

Posted: Jan 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Got myself some of that fancyarsed Games Workshop spraypaint for Scrounge the other day, and spent the morning spraying his scrawny ass white.
It needs a few more coats I think, especially around the head, which didn’t seem to take the paint at first (bloody stupid epoxy nonsense grrr). Anyway, just wanted to post these phottys and ask – Is his head too big? Too late to anything about it, I know, but opinions other than Jess’ would be nice.
  1. Al Terry says:

    I’m getting some yellow and brown paint tomorrow or saturday hopefully, so hopefully it won’t be long til he’s done. Then i can get started on Jess’ animated prowl costume.


  2. Rick says:

    it looks kick ass Fudge how long til its finished


  3. Al Terry says:

    He will have eyes. I’ve got some lovely lenticular red plastic I’ve chopped off a freebie Transformers book I got with a magazine. Should look quite good if i can get it to stick. I’m not too good with superglue though…


  4. Anonymous says:

    Will he have eyes? Very impressive!! Hayley xx


  5. terry says:

    yer best way mate got to say looking good and im looking forward to the yellow paint i always like the dued shame he got smelted .look forward to seeing more updates good luck mate


  6. Al Terry says:

    I’m not bothering with a transformation, for the time being. At least until I’ve figured out how to make him look good in robot mode first.


  7. terry says:

    humm hes looking dam good mate have you any ideas on the transformation yet ?


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