I’ve been banished downstairs, for the crime of not wanting to watch Gladiator for the umpteenth time (the extended version, mind you). I don’t mind the film, but it’s like having a box of after eight mints all to yourself – once every six months is fine, but any more and you start feeling a bit queasy and you gain a few extra chins. Well, that’s almost a good metaphor, except for the chins bit.
So, after I’ve typed this I’ll be settling down on the sofa with a drink of purple juice to watch the latest (cheekily downloaded, damn you slow ass e4 schedulers) episode of Smallville, which has picked up a bit following a two-season slump when it all got a bit stinky and crap. I’m really looking forward to the end of season battle between Clark and Doomsday, as the show’s clever plotting has firmly ousted any fanboy ‘You cant have Doomsday this early in Supes’ career’ thoughts out of my head. Although to be honest Doomsday was never the sort of bad guy I’ve been impressed guy – sure he was unstoppable, but he never really had a plan, he just hit stuff. Also he didn’t really kill Superman, did he? That was just some marketing nonsense.
Reluctantly been putting more stuff on ebay tonight as well, including some films that I’d much rather keep but 1) can’t afford other new nice stuff (a lot of cool stuff comes out on Monday) and 2) Gem doesn’t like and I’m trying to stay in her good books for the time being.
So, I’m selling Ella Enchanted, a film about a girl with big boobs who does whatever anyone tells her to do (and no men take advantage of this?!? Crazy), Disney’s Dinosaur (which is better than 90% of their recent output, yet avoids being labelled as a Disney Classic for reasons which are beyond me), Sex and the City The Movie (which I liked keeping on the shelf, as it stops Gem from nagging about my Bloke-ing up of the living room – Marvel Essentials books need more shelf space than flowers in vases, when will she realise this?) and Prince Caspian (on blu-ray, which distracts from the fact that the film’s shite by being all hi-def and lovely).
Anyway, I can’t do a blatant plug like that without offering you a link —> http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZfudgecrumpet <—, so there you go.

Anyway, I think that’s enough random splurging for tonight. I’d write a bit more but this kitchen chair is bloody uncomfortable on my bum and I fear if I sit here any longer I will end up with a very flat bottom. And my fan club prefers me to have a nice peachy curve. Well, if I did have a fan club they would. Why don’t I have a fan club yet? Grrrrrrr

Bye Bye

  1. Al Terry says:

    I’d complain about Lois being introduced so early, if she wasn’t eye-bogglingly nice to look at.


  2. Rick says:

    Well Dooms Day didnt really kill Superman anyway not even in the comics, and your right they brought him into smallville way to early, chloe and lana should have been dead already not to come back and lois shouldnt have even been introduced yet or jimmy olsen, but its still one of my favorite shows on television these days


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