Peanuts, Biggles & Faggots

Posted: Mar 21, 2009 in dr brain's pork faggots, ebay, pregnancy, Transformers, twitter

Why do they always put the option for ‘title’ at the start of the blog entry form? Do some people actually know what they’re gonna splurge before they do it? Wow.
Anyway, stuff what has happened since I last splurged… Had a dating scan on the baby in Gem’s tummy, turns out it’s only 9 and a half weeks gone, so it’s actual due date is about five days before Jess’ birthday. Which will probably be easier in some respects (one big party instead of two, less chance of me forgetting) but will probably throw up all sorts of annoying complications (especially when they hit their teens, i’d expect).
Anyway, the scan pic is here -> <-if anyone wants to have a look. On that pic it looks a bit like a peanut, but when the lady wiggled about the ultrasound thing we did get to see fingers and toes and such (no willy or lack of at this point, too early for such things apparantly, before you ask).
Also sold a lotta lotta stuff on ebay, finally got round to being persuaded to shift my Marvel Essential books, mainly because they take up so much room, also because I’m fed up of visitors going ooh look at all them in a sarcastic ‘youre a geek and we think you need to be mocked’ voice. Also got rid of a few unwanted Transformers, and pretty much all of my most mediocre DVDs (obviously kept the really good ones, but also have the pisspoor terrible ones left as well just because I know Gem can’t stand the sight of Biggles on my shelf). Don’t seem to have any spare cash still though, thanks to the ridiculously huge lecky/gas bills and everything else extra that needs paying out this time of year. Which is just irritating. Ah well.
And when I’m not taking the missus to be ultrasounded (full bladder required – fun car journey over speed bumps hehehe), ebaying or eating three packets of skips at a time, I’m on twitter. Twitter is lovely, completely random lines of text from completely random people about completely random topics.
I was going to be all gimmicky and do this blog post in 140 character chunks in tribute to the wonders of the tweet, but then I realised that firstly, noone would notice and would just think I was writing very short paragraphs, and secondly it’s impossible to have a good rant in under 140 characters. Which means that most of my tweets are either me complaining about something and writing ‘urg’, celebrating something and writing ‘yay’ or eating something and writing ‘yum’.
Anyway, that’s it for now, I am going to be eating some of Mr Brain’s pork faggots now. Which, as well as being incredibly tasty are also good for confusing site swear filters and Americans, who by this point would be thinking I am munching down on an offensively piggish homosexual. Which I would never do. Because Dr Brain’s faggots come in a lovely gravy and piggish offensive american homosexuals don’t. At least not round these parts.
Right then, See ya soon, add me on yonder twitter if you’d like and go and look at my lovely ebay stuff here

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