a rambling bit of crusty bloggage

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

No fancy videos or anything today, just me wasting a few minutes typing aimlessly with the hope that something interesting emerged. My blogging brain is the equivalent of the 100 monkeys with a typewriter analogy, except with less shit-flinging.
Getting me world domination via getting me on telly has hit a slight hiccup, whereby gem won’t let me audition for mtv’s new dancing/stripping show. Just because I can’t dance, and that showing off my moobs on tv would be immensley embarrassing. Sheesh, if jesus gave up because his missus told him he’d look a bit of a twat in a beard, we’d never have had Life of Brian.
Am going to write to Whiskas in a bit to ask why they don’t do mouse flavour cat food. Only reason i can think they wouldn’t is that the cat might feel it has to share it with it’s owner. Mitzy thought we wanted to share her mouse on saturday then spent the rest of the day sulking when i threw the remains in the bin.
Ooh bugger i gotta do some work… Back in a bit for more rambleness…


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