Generic ‘i cant think of something to type’ blogtweet

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

This may be a meandering ramble of a blog, because i don’t know what to type today.
Hope you all had a nice late december stressful family hell season, and that you got at least one present worth putting on ebay.
Just been looking thru my comment moderation options, apparently people seem to think that because i write a blog, i should write something significant and useful. Well, knickers. My blog is extremely useful to someone who may perhaps need to read these words or die. Or if they need a website window open to maximize, covering the porn you were looking at when the missus walked in. So there.
Of course, the significance of this comment seems to have been ruined by the anonymous (obviously the same person) fuck you comments posted later.
So, yeah, that’s why i’ve got comment moderation.
This really is gonna be a ramble blog…
Hmmm… Oh, we had another baby and you probably already know that. She is megan and her favourite ps3 game is Stuntman Ignition, which entertains her more than a box full of vtech tat.
SNOW! There was snow and it was fun. Then it was shit. Then it was ice and all the idiot drivers crashed their cars, then it was good again and we could leave the house. And that’s the weather.
I am eating mini cornish pasties. They don’t appear to have any meat in them. They do have what seems to be plasterboard inside. And carrot. So that’s one of my five a day.

Anyway, that’s my meandering ramble blog to make up for not blogging for ages. Stop looking so disappointed. Miserable git. Go on, post a grumpy ‘that was rubbish’ comment, i’ll moderate it’s arse off.


  1. what a great blog post I look forward to reading more (or less)


  2. NNC says:

    That's beautiful. All of it. The "rubbish" commentator obviously has no feet.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sad to admit but I actually found that funny x


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