Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I has headache.


Things that have annoyed me today include…
1. Saying on Twitter that you’re going to watch a film, and folk automatically assuming you’ve never seen that film before. Can’t a guy watch Star Wars without someone having to tell them “ooh its good that, you’ll enjoy the space ships.”
2. Autocorrect on my new phone. Has ‘bieber’, doesn’t have ‘giraffe’.
3. Pingchat. For a high-tech futuristic communication method, well its a bit shit. At least fucking add a thing telling you when your contacts are online or not. Twatmilk.
4. Stupid people who work in nhs clinics. Why can’t the Tories cut these bloody busybody receptionist folk? They know nothing, need everything s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g. o.u.t. and I think are the reason so many people are dying. Next time I get a cold I’m going to go and sneeze on them.
5. Headache.
6. eBay customer support. Never use them. All they do is everything you’ve already tried, but in a very confusing eastern European accented version of American English.
7. Facebook. Doesn’t seem to do anything. Can’t be arsed deleting my account though.
8. Words with friends. Doesn’t accept QUIM as a word.
9. Petrol prices. It’d be cheaper to move alton towers into my back garden than it would be to drive there. Stupid.
10. Horses. Just fuck off.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely with you on number 7. What's the point in a Facebook app that someone uses, to tell me whether I'm a trustworthy person or not? Just send me a text or something telling me whether I am or not! Likewise, I'm too lazy to delete my account.


  2. Lady Banana says:

    Well, let's hope you feel better now! lol


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