I am the news…

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Fudgecrumpet, guardian, news, pope, twitter

So, yeah, I was news this week. Nothing important or anything, just mocking the world’s most famous vicar (after Father Dougal)…

Click this here —-> Linky

Oh yeah. Take that Popey. That’ll have him crying into his funny hat.

To be fair, I’ve tweeted much funnier tweets. Still, you gets what you pays for, and I’ve not been paid. They should pay me.

Oh, and no, the pope didn’t reply. Not even a LOL. Miserable sod.

Stick that in your Pope and Smoke it
Fudge vs Pope Round 1
Mass Effect IV
Don’t Stop Bibleieving
Pwned the Pwpe
Pontifex cakes are not liquorice


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