Doing Twitter Wrong.

Posted: Apr 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Here’s what I gather about doing Twitter wrong.

You are doing twitter wrong if…

You tweet too much
You dont tweet enough
You RT too much
You don’t RT enough
You reply to Everyone
You don’t reply to Everyone
You follow celebrities
You dont follow celebrities
You star tweets
You dont star tweets
You get upset
Or don’t.

You tell too many old jokes
You make too many new jokes
You dont do jokes
You follow people
You dont follow people
You take too many photos
You dont take many photos
You tweet about twitter
You tweet about facebook
You tweet about other social networks
You don’t tweet about social networks.

You use hashtags
You don’t use hashtags
You tweet little things
You tweet big things
You tweet medium sized things
You tweet about if your porridge is too hot
You tweet about if your porridge is too cold
You tweet about if your porridge is just right
You don’t tweet about porridge.

You use foursquare
You don’t use foursquare
You don’t know what foursquare is but you’re afraid to ask
You ask what foursquare is
You ask questions on
You answer questions on
You dont ask or answer questions on
You make spelling errors
You point out other’s spelling errors
You don’t make spelling errors
You tolerate other’s mistakes.

You like something
You don’t like something
You don’t mind something
You hate something
You care about something
You don’t care about something
or write everything in lower case
oR uSe bOtH iN a WeIrD wAy
You like Justin Bieber
You don’t like Justin Bieber
You don’t really have strong feelings about Justin Bieber in any way.

You’re too young
You’re too old
You’re too fat
You’re too thin
You’re a man
You’re a woman
You used to be one or the other
You’re gay
You’re straight
You’re not so sure.

You’re happy
You’re sad
You’re angry or mad
You need a hug
You took some drugs
You have religion
You hate religion
You’re a virgin
You’re a slut
You get it when you can
You meet in real life
You don’t meet in real life.

You’re offended
You’re offensive
You’re sitting on the fence
You’re silly
You’re serious
You have a moustache
You have a beard
Your face is as bald as a baby’s bottom
You’re from here
You’re from there
You’re not from anywhere
You’re drunk
You’re sober
You’ve had a drink at lunch but you can still operate heavy machinery.

You blog
You snog
You complain about fog.
You keep fit
You scoff pies
You make a joke when someone dies.

You tweet.
You don’t.
You do twitter wrong.
Wrong isn’t always bad.

  1. toriking says:

    Pretty much sums twitter up 🙂


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