Right then, blatant advert time.

Check out this here LINK for my good pal Bronwen Winter Phoenix’s new short story, Zombie Thatcher. The first part in what could possibly be an ongoing series of horror comedy adventures of everyone’s favourite undead ex-prime minister.

It’s only like £1.50ish on kindle so you should be able to afford it if you don’t buy any malteasers for a day.

Why am I being so generous and lovely to some random person? What happened to selfish old Fudgey, looking out for himself like some kind of sexy internet leech? Oh he’s still here, turns out I designed the cover for this here thing. A funky bit of lazy phone-based photo editing and that, but I’m pretty sure that makes the effort and expense of visiting amazon worthwhile.

So, please go and have a look, buy the thing, and then write a five star review making extra efforts to compliment the cover and how wonderful I am.


Heres the link again, which I would really appreciate you copying and pasting and sharing on whatever websites and forums you use…


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