I need a favour.

Posted: Mar 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello again. Long time no see. How are you? Don’t answer that, I wrote this ages ago and your voice can’t travel back in time.
Actually, if your voice can travel back in time, it’s 9:01am on the 28th March 2014. Say something awesome… now.


Proved my point then.

Anyway, I need a favour from you and your temporally one direction-based (if you include band names in your blog you get more clicks I’m told. Showaddywaddy) voices. I need to get back into this blogging lark, write more nonsense and eventually get down to writing/copy and pasting my difficult second book. The favour I need from you is to kick me up the arse at regular intervals and get me to write stuff.
I know with a little more encouragement from you awesome/nagging people I can start pumping out some funky stuff, and then hopefully I can see about turning this writing lark into cold hard digital cash.
So if you see me tweeting nonsense, making funny pictures for free for folk (again, I need to monetise. FFS) or taking photos of my face made from dinner, please nag at me, tell me to blog, ask me how my difficult second book is coming along and that.
In return for this favour, I will wash your car once, as long as you bring it to my house and provide sponges, car shampoo and a decent hosepipe. No, I’m not giving you my address, put some effort in. It’s almost £3 worth of car wash you’d be getting free there. Shush.

So, yeah. Blogging.


Oh, and if you were wondering why I’m going on about a difficult second book, why not check out my easy first book HERE

  1. So wheres my new content then *prod* ?! I’m ready and I’m wide awake so get set go!


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