Review – August MS425 Bluetooth Speaker

Posted: Apr 12, 2014 in awesome, Review, Tech
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Well, I promised you reviews of awesome stuff, and I rarely, if ever fail to deliver. So here you go.

The August M425 Bluetooth Speaker.


This little bit of kit is a fairly heavy chunk of metal and plastic. Size wise, it fits neatly into the cup holder of my car and if you gave it to my dad he’d probably say it was about the size of a can of coffee or some other irrelevant comparison from the days of sepia.


So, this is what you get for your money. You gots your speaker, you gots your instructions, you gots your 3.5mm audio wirey thing and you gots a USB to Micro-USB wire that I am going to use to charge my phone at some point because I broke my old one.
The instructions are in English and four different kinds of foreign. They’re well written and don’t seem to be plagued with wonky foreignese translation issues that I usually expect with techy stuff.

I connected the speaker to my phone first (a Samsung Galaxy S3, TMI fans!) using bluetooth and it paired straight away with none of that fuss that is usually me just pressing the wrong button. It has a microphone in it too, and works perfectly as a handsfree kit. It even has a pseudo-sticky bottom so you can place it on your dashboard without it sliding about, rolling over and breaking your toe.
At first I thought, since it fits in the cup holder, it’d be a good idea to put it in there for handsfree use. Unfortunately all the buttons on the device are around the bottom edge and having to pick it up to answer a call kinda spoils the whole point. Still, it works great plonked on my dashboard, and shoves out a decent bit of volume, so I could continue a conversation with the missus even when driving up the cobbled roads that make visiting Londoners think I like in the industrial revolution.


As well as working as a handfree kit, it works great with the music player on the phone, with no crackling even when playing Busted’s Thunderbirds Are Go is playing at full volume. The speaker has Play, Back and Forward buttons on the side so you don’t need to touch your phone/device except to occasionally set your little jedi men doing jobs on Little Death Star or to send a snapchat of Megatron wearing a hat to your friends. Anyway, theyre not sound based things anyway so shush. It also has a dially volume control rather than buttons which I thought was great because as a child of the 80s I have a natural fear of digital controls.

Range-wise, I got halfway down the road before it cut off.
Handy diagram o clock.


I got this far before the sound cut out, and up to this point it was perfect quality, no crackling or fizzypopping or anything as I got further away.
Battery-wise, it charges off the USB lead in about an hour or so (I didn’t time it. I was busy playing Transformers with Meg, she likes Bumblebee bestest) and gives a good few hours on a full charge (again, didn’t time it. I have better things to do. Also, I’m not a very good reviewer). When power does go out, it cuts out completely rather than fading or going all crappy quality and that.

Not listed in the instructions or whatever, I’ve also hooked the speaker up to the PS3 as a ‘headset’ so I can shout racism at foreigners as they brutally murder me at GTA Online again and again. And again. Seems to work fine doing that too, which is good because the bluetooth headset Gem got me for Christmas not only makes me look like a smug sales rep, it also hurts my ear.

Anyway, enough with the rambling review, I hear you scream. All in all, this is a smashing bit of kit, does exactly what it says it should do and hasn’t done anything to confuse, annoy or scare me. It’s available in a variety of colours, on the off chance you like colour-coordinating your electrical equipment. Actually, I made that sound like a crazy thing, all our kitchen stuff is silver and all our living room stuff is black. I think Gem is a bit OCD about that sort of thing. Maybe I should just buy a pink one of these and see how much it annoys her. Nah, she’d kill me in the face.

You can buy one (or two. Or eight hundred and six.) of these bad boys HERE and if you bob in the discount code EASTEREG before Easter Monday you can get yourself 25% off. Which is nice.

And that’s your review. Please feel free to pester me in the comments, tell me how I did on my first go. Maybe offer helpful advice, tell me where I went wrong in a such a way as not to damage my incredibly fragile ego. Y’know, the usual stuff.

Oh, and share this post with all your friends, enemies and horses. Because horses love this kinda shizzle.

If you’re a big business bod and you want me to review your stuff, get in touch somehow. I dunno, email ( or something, twitter maybe (@fudgecrumpet). You could try facebook if you’d like, but that’s a damn weird place full of perpetually confused people who don’t get my jokes.

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  2. I love the review and now there is a discount I’m gonna buy one, just need to decide on Pink or Green…


  3. Alan says:

    What are the ballistic qualities of this device? Can it be used to bean a squirrel from a tree with reliable accuracy?


  4. I have no interest in buying a bluetooth speaker, but I read the whole review, cos it was amusing. I’d say you were the best & that, but I don’t want to give you a big head. 🙂


  5. Very good first review. Like the fact it can be used as a hands free kit. Cool bit of kit.


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