Competition Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Apr 25, 2014 in awesome, Competition, Review
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In celebration of the release of The School for Good and Evil Book 2 – World Without Princes by Soman Chainani and in a build up to my review when my copy arrives, I’ve been given permission by the powers that be to offer a copy of the book away as a prize.


To win a copy of this excellent dollop of literary entertainment, I want you to…

1. Follow me on twitter. (Here)

2. Copy and Tweet This Message…
I entered @fudgecrumpet’s funky competition to win a book on Please RT

3. Wait until Thursday 8th May 2014, at 9pm GMT and I’ll bob all the names in a hat or shoe and declare a winner. Then I’ll pester you for your address and the lovely book company people say they’ll send you a free copy.

4. Competition is only open to UK people, as far as I know. One entry per person. Judge’s (my) decision is final, unless the missus disagrees in which case she will overrule me and her decision will be final.

5. Etcetera.

So, get winning and that, and when you’ve done that check out the trailer for the new book HERE!



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