Better With BRITA Campaign Launch & COMPETITION!!!!

Posted: Apr 30, 2014 in awesome, Competition, cooking
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Hey peeps, any of you guys into making fancy healthy food with nice local ingredients and filtered pure lovely water and that? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Now pay attention because there’ll be a competition at the end and I may put effort into making it require answering a multiple choice question or something.

Better with BRITA logo

Right, so here’s the blurb… Brita, (those lovely people who make those water filter jugs) in association with Delicious magazine are on the look out for people who make their own food with lovely pure filtered water and local ingredients. Y’know the type, people who have porcelain ducks on their kitchen walls and a cream and chrome food mixer that looks like it’s polished every day. Basically, they want to get a bunch of awesome organic/orgasmic recipe types together, shove them all in a pot and let the general public vote to see who is best.

The three winners of this whole sexy shebang will win the chance to sell their food at The Big Feastival (29th August–1st September 2014), which I’m sure is a great way to promote yourself, get top industry bods interested in your stuff, or to make some cash or something.

Soooo… if you are a fancy cookery bod, and you enjoy using filtered water and local healthy ingredients to bring out the best flavours in your food, I want you to head over to this here LINK and sign up.

Everyone else, go and have a look and see what there is to offer, you get to vote for your favourite cook people and girls, on the first page of that site, there’s a guy with a beard and a pinny, and I know that’s more than enough reason for you to… oh, you’ve already clicked.

So that’s the campaign launched, I’ll be chuntering on a little more in June, maybe posting a recipe or two if I can think of something tasty that isn’t beef Super-Noodles with Spam) and nagging at you to enter the thing and vote and such, but for now that’s your lot.


Oh, wait… I mentioned a competition, didn’t I? Well, OK, since you were doing puppy dog eyes and leaning forward to show me your cleavage…

For your chance to win a BRITA Marella water filter jug (RRP £21) I want you to email with JUGS as the subject, with the answer to the following difficult question along with your name and a contact email…

What do fancy foody types have on their kitchen walls?
a. the severed heads of their many victims
b. porcelain ducks
c. a child’s drawing representing the despair caused by modern society

Competition is open to UK peeps only, closes at 20:00 BST on Sunday 4th May 2014, whereupon all the people who got the difficult question correct into a hat, or rather their names on a piece of paper in the hat and I will get the missus to choose one winner. Then I’ll pester you for your address, send that to the nice people that asked me to write this blog and then they’ll send you a fancy jug. Yay!

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