Review – SHOUTYKID – How Harry Riddles Made a MEGA-amazing Zombie Movie

Posted: June 1, 2014 in awesome, bedtime story, book, Competition, Review, zombies

Time for an awesome book review again, folks. This week it’s SHOUTYKID – How Harry Riddles Made a MEGA-amazing Zombie Movie by Simon Mayle, due for release on 5th of June.


Told via the medium of emails, letters and internet forum posts, and accompanied by cute cartoons by Nikalas Catlow, this book follows the adventures of Harry Riddles, a 10-year old boy trying to solve his family’s financial problems during the recession by creating a smash hit zombie movie.

The Riddles family has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, with Harry’s screenwriter dad struggling to get work and bailiffs showing up and threatening to take away his beloved X-Box, on which he plays his favourite game World of Zombies. Harry has problems of his own, having signed on with the school play of The Scarlet Pumpernickel in an attempt to impress the new girl at school, Jessica, and get one up on school jock and all round idiot, Ed Bigstock.

Writing letters to celebrities such as Harry Styles, The Queen, Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes and The Sun‘s ‘Dear Deidrie’, Harry gleefully seeks out help to all his problems, as well as gaining advice from his cousin Charley and his Dad, who rarely has time for personal interaction but is always available for emails.

Aimed at kids ages 9+, this is a quick read, that covers weighty topics such as financial and family difficulties in a gleefully naive manner, as Harry’s confidence and optimism overshadows any depressing elements to his life. It’s a fairly quick read too, I managed to plough through it within about 2 hours and my daughter (9) is already about halfway through.

The style of the book is very much along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but with a much more British feel. The impending doom and gloom of the global recession gives the book some grounding in real events and the varying mediums give the book a refreshingly unique style. It’s a funny read, and some of the letters and observations are laugh-out-loud funny.

Check out the trailer now!

I’d recommend you pop across to Amazon and buy yourself (or your kid) a copy, and also keep an eye out for the upcoming Shoutykid website, which I’m assured is full of awesome extra goodies. The book’s RRP is £6.99 and it comes out on 5th June 2014.


And that’s your lot for now. Hope you enjoyed that.


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