Monty Python’s Failing Circus

Posted: Jun 2, 2014 in Fudgecrumpet, funny, Funny Pictures, nonsense, rant, shitty nostalgia, tv
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With the news that in the upcoming live Monty Python shows, John Cleese will be unable to do the Ministry of Funny Walks sketch due to his bad old-man knees, let’s have a ponder as to what else to expect from this poorly advised trip down nostalgia lane…


– The parrot is still alive.

– The lumberjack, on a diet of gluten-free scones, covered with benecol spread, no longer wears women’s clothing, following an unfortunate bra twanging incident.

– The Spanish Inquisition makes an appointment.

– The knights who say Ni say No.

– “And now for something extremely similar.”

– The Spam song is now about couscous.

– the world’s deadliest joke gets a LOL.

…now i’ll stop before a knight shows up and slaps me with a bucket of fried chicken, but feel free to send your suggestions for updated Python sketches to with the subject ‘John Cleese Knees’ and I’ll neatly copy and paste them to the bottom of this post, like what the fancy grown up comedy websites do.



Here’s some contributions from twitter, and the hashtag #cleeseknees. Go and follow all these people, make babies with them or something. Awesome bastards.


and, as usual, we have a winner/person who got overexcited…

And just because this lot were awesome and deserving of all the sex, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep contributing, get your #cleeseknees tweets in or email them to and I can always do another post or add more to this. Because I am good at computors.


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