Review – Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Fitness, Review

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – That fridgecarpet guy, he doesn’t do much walking, look at that tummy and those manboobs and his flabby George Lucas chins, he doesn’t do much in the way of walking, in fact he probably does more of the other wa_k word more than he does that. Well, you’re probably only about 80% right, because I’ve not gone blind yet. Still, I have a pedometer to review and tell you about, and I can tell you’re at the edge of your seat waiting for me to get down to the important technical details.


Ozeri 3x4motion pedometer

Yeah, Sport Yellow. I do sport.

Sooooo… what we’re looking at is a little yellow box on a lanyard that counts how many steps you do. It has some kind of futuristic wizardry that means it works in 3D so counts your steps if you’re going up and down the stairs or whatever.
When you first get it, you input your weight (don’t ask) and your stride, and from this, it approximates the calories you burn from all your wandering about, as well as a fairly accurate distance travelled, time spent walking and average speed.
Now, don’t laugh, but I almost got to 2mph on one day, so… yeah.

In the box, you get the pedometer itself, a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck if you haven’t got pockets and don’t mind looking like a PE teacher. You also get some instructions and an ickle screwdriver, should you need to change the battery.

The pedometer itself has an LCD screen, split into 3 sections. You’ve got your main screen, which shows all the important information, steps, kcal, distance, time, average speed etc, that you can flick through at the touch of a button. Then you’ve got a clock and date. You can scroll back up to 7 days to check how your walking is going throughout the week, and you can also access ‘Split’ mode, which can tell you how many steps you do over a specific time period.

You can switch between metric and imperial units easily, although this does erase previously saved data, including your weight and stride. There’s also a handy little blue backlight, for if you like walking around in the dark (although I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and I don’t recommend it, for fear of zombies, spiders and endermen).

The fancy 3d tech in the pedometer means it works in any position, be it upside down in your pocket, dangling from your neck or balanced on top of your head if you like doing that sort of thing.

I’d heartily recommend you get yourself one of these if you like walking about and knowing how much you are walking about, although I wouldn’t recommend you share any of the details on Twitter, as they all seemed to think I was some sort of footstep obsessed snail-man.

You can buy yourself one of these devices on Amazon HERE for about £16 at the moment, which is a decent bit of value, and you can also have a look at all the technical words and such they use to talk about it, which I haven’t got the foggiest idea as to what they mean.

Anyway, enjoy your walk. I’ll have a cornetto, if you happen to pass the shop.


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