El Sausageo 2014 – The Sausage World Cup!!!!!

Posted: Jun 16, 2014 in awesome, cooking, football, Fudgecrumpet, funky nonsense, funny, Funny Pictures, make life fun, meat, Obscure, Patent Nonsense, sausages, soccer, world cup

Who would win the World Cup if it depended on their National Sausages?

That’s the question posed by The Great British BBQ, as they celebrate the World Cup in the best possible way: by comparing each competing nation’s sausages and seeing which is the tastiest, meatiest and most flavoursome of all the sausages.


So, how does the English Lincolnshire Sausage fare against the might of the Spanish Chorizo or the German Bratwurst? See the excitement unfold in awesome 2 dimensions as the fixtures are updated daily, and the winner can ultimately be crowned as El Sausegeo 2014. Although why someone would put a crown on a sausage is beyond me. To be fair, I’d just eat the sausage.

So…… follow the fixtures on the Great British BBQ site and tweet your predictions to @GreatBritBBQ. Also, check out some of the links to all the different types of sausage, I did and now I’m murderous with sausage hunger rage.

Now obviously, this is the best and only interesting thing about the World Cup ever, so how have I joined it? Well, how else? I’ve asked those lovely, sexy, itchy people on twitter to come up with their own Sausage World Cup based pictures. Yeah, they gave me that look too when I asked. Join in with the fun on twitter HERE and have a gander at some of their smashing examples…

Pepperooney by @Jeffwni

Pepperooney by @Jeffwni


by @cosmicbadger

by @cosmicbadger


by @kitkant


by @laughing_gravy


by @Laughing_Gravy


alex oxlade-cumberland by @Sadfaceotter


Louis Sausage by @tumour


by @tumour


So… yeah… well. If you want to contribute, then join in with #sausagecup on twitter or bob your picture across to letters@fudgecrumpet.com for me to have a confused look at.

And don’t forget to check out El Sausageo 2014 on The Great British BBQ’s site, because seriously, Sausages are infinitely more fun that football.

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