Book Review – Geek Girl 3 – Picture Perfect & Competition!!!

Posted: Jun 23, 2014 in awesome, bedtime story, book, fashion, Review
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Time for a review, I think….


GEEK GIRL – Picture Perfect
By Holly Smale

The third book in Holly Smale’s teen fiction series follows the adventure of fact-spouting 16-year old, Harriet Manners; juggling life as a schoolgirl with the perils of working as a fashion model, this time in the glittering high class world of New York.

Geek Girl - Picture Perfect

When Harriet’s dad gets a job in New York, the Geek Girl finds herself discovering life in America really isn’t everything she thought it would be. Rather than moving into a high class Manhattan apartment, she finds herself a 90-minute train ride upstate, with a super-mean tutor, no friends, and a family that forgets her 16th birthday. As if things couldn’t get any worse, her model boyfriend Nick, gets the wrong train and misses her birthday too.
Hiding in her room in a rage, Harriet receives a message from Wilbur, her modelling contract, and runs away from her new home to make it big in the Big Apple. Of course, even with all the geeky facts in the world at her disposal, Harriet finds that not everything goes as smoothly as in the movies, and ends up under the influence of Kenderall, a wannabe looking for a way to hyphenate her job title by taking Harriet on as her project.

A lovely read that features many larger than life characters, although I found the character of the dad to be very easy to identify with, struggling to maintain order within the Manners family, and learning his own lessons along the way.

My 9-year daughter is now about half way through reading this too, and she says it’s fairly awesome, and although neither of us has read any previous Geek Girl books, we both have picked up the story quickly, although I may have to buy the earlier books if only to find out what the deal is with the Octopus.

The book is ideal for the 9-15 year old girl audience, although I found it fairly enjoyable too, despite being a 34-year old man with a beard. I especially liked all of Harriet’s obsession with spouting facts about EVERYTHING, and I feel I learned a lot. I never realised I shared 50% of my DNA with bananas.

You can get yourself a copy of Geek Girl – Picture Perfect on Amazon HERE, follow the author Holly Smales on twitter HERE

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(one entry per person, my decision is final, etc)


(PS. If you’re one of those weird people that doesn’t do facebook, I’ll also accept entries to but y’know, I’ll frown upon you)

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