Review – Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Posted: Jun 24, 2014 in awesome, Fitness, Inventions, Review, Sponsored Post, video blog, YouTube
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Yeah, so, that’s a monster of a blog title. Here comes a review, concentrate.

OZERI CARDIOTECH Premium Series BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Intelligent Hypertension Detection

Yeah, exciting stuff.

So, before my mum claims this bit of kit for her first aid box (I think she’s under the impression that if she has all the gadgets, she will gain medical knowledge by osmosis. She doesn’t even know what osmosis is), I thought I’d write a bit of a quick review about it here.

But of course that means I have to use the thing. So here goes…

…well that was painless. Well, it squeezed a bit. I’m a wuss. But a wuss with normal blood pressure. So YAY!

That’s the fun and the silly faces out of the way, time for THE REVIEW PROPER. Like a motherfluffing grown up.

You get your blood pressure robot thing.
You get your arm cuff squeezy balloon thing (Adult Medium Sized – 22-42cm).
You get your instructions.
You get a sexy little carry case bag.
You get BATTERIES. Yeah.

The device allows you to have 2 separate users stored in the memory, and can save up to 60 readings per user (so you can tell if you’re getting more or less poorly). So, you switch to ‘USER A’, bob the arm cuff on (it doesn’t work on any other body parts that I tested it on. But maybe I need a child cuff for that ;-P) and press the START button. Then you get your squeezing, and your result. It can also detect if you have an irregular heart beat, which I imagine could be useful.

Results range from Optimal, through Normal, High-Normal, Mild, Moderate and Severe. I guess anything higher than that is Exploded, but I’m not an expert. Your last three readings are used to make an average, and you can scroll back through your results based on date and time if you like doing that sort of thing.

The battery life has proved very good, showing no signs of running out despite me ‘playing’ with this constantly since Friday. I imagine if I had any clue about biology or anatomy or blood or pressure this could prove a really useful too, my mum certainly thinks it’s a marvellous invention.

It has an LCD screen with a blue backlight, so it looks like it’s from the future.
If you really wanted you could get yourself a mains adapter and plug it in. Y’know, if you’re scared of batteries or whatever.

And that’s your review. In summary, if you want to test your blood pressure at home, you definitely need this. If you don’t want to test your blood pressure at home, you should definitely want to test your blood pressure at home, so you definitely need this.


You can find it HERE on Amazon, currently with £70 off the RRP. Which is awesome. Yeah.

  1. Cool vid. Very dramatic lol


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