Review – VistaPrint’s NEW ‘Designer Collection’ Wedding Service

Posted: June 25, 2014 in awesome, Review, Sponsored Post, Stationary, Wedding


Let me tell you a story…
Once upon a time there was a boy, let’s call him Fudgecrumpet and there was a girl, who for the sake of argument and in an attempt to get her more twitter followers, let’s call her mrsfudgecrumpet .
Well one day they met after she accidentally flashed her knickers at him (white granny pants with blue flowers) and all sorts of romantic shenanigans occurred. Well, they were engaged to be married after about eighteen months, but circumstances and money and such meant the inevitable wedding was delayed and delayed.
So, thirteen years, two kids and four Transformers movies later, Fudgecrumpet decides to make an honest of her and sets about trying to plan a wedding. Obviously he has no clue what to do about any of this, and despite being full of wedding nonsense, pinterest is no bloody help.
So, he thinks, let’s start with something I can actually do, use the interwebs to make pretty pictures and cards.
And so our story continues…

Vistaprint, they of the business cards and fancy personalised mugs fame have just launched a fancy new ‘Designer Collection’ wedding stationary range. Offering a range of different fancy designs that you can fiddle with to your heart’s content to make the perfect wedding invitations, menus, ‘save the date’ cards and all sorts of goodies.

With weddings on average costing about £17k a go these days, and stationary forming about 10% of that total cost it’s always nice to find a way to save a bit of money without sacrificing on quality or losing your perfect wedding vision. Vistaprint’s new service offers to fill that role.

Designer Collection

The new ‘Designer Collection’ offers around 2000 design options with which you can create the perfect bespoke wedding stationary.

To give it a go, and as a practice go for the wedding I eventually have to plan with Gem, (but in this case purely for the sake of review before you all get over excited and make SQUEE noises) I designed and ordered some ‘Save the Date’ cards (basically vague non-specific invitations) and some party invites. Again, stop going SQUEE, I’m still £16,997 short of the £17k I need for an actual wedding. Don’t buy any hats yet.

So, anyway, there are about 400 or so different designs available for the ‘Save The Date’ cards, I went with the new Designer Collection design you see below.

Save The Date 1

All you need do to make the card your own is upload your own photo (which you can then crop and resize as you see fit), add in names and dates and you’re set.

The rear of the card offers an option for RSVP information, but in this case I just went with…

save the date back

because I knew if I put anything specific, I’d have Gem doing the aforementioned SQUEE noise.

With the Designer collection, you get ‘Premium’ card as standard, but I opted for the linen finish because I liked the idea of the more textured look.

The cards are postcard-sized and come with free envelopes should you actually want to post them to people.

I ordered 10, the minimum, but it’s worth noting that when you order more, your unit cost goes down considerably.


The Party Invites were similarly easy to create, thusly…

party invites

and all the text, including the fancy header text is customisable. All good stuff.

In addition to these two different cards, I ordered a sheet of envelope stickers in the same design.

envelope sticker

I reckon I might use these for posting off my ebay stuff though, well, that or stick them all over the house to annoy Gem to the extent that we’ll never need to consider organising wedding stationary again.

It’s all fantastically easy, and there are so many different design choices on offer. I will most definitely be using this service when I finally find the money to afford a wedding. So if you happen to see me auctioning my liver off on eBay or setting up a kickstarter to buy a meringue dress, please bob on a quid.


So, for the 10 save the date cards, 10 party invites and 1 A4 sheet containing 24 envelope stickers I paid £31.01. This is with the cheapest shipping option, and with VAT bunged on top. Naturally, this seems a bit pricey, but I would like to say that if you are ordering a bigger quantity, the cost drops by a fair amount, so for any normal wedding, if you’re not a social hermit, you’re probably looking at a much greater saving.

You can check out Vistaprint HERE if you want to give it a go, and feel free to RSVP me around 2016 if you fancy coming along, dancing to Agadoo and eating Vol Au Vents in the company of all my drunk sisters-in-law


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