Review – RazorRed’s Best Knife Sharpener

Posted: Jun 27, 2014 in awesome, cooking, Inventions, Review, Sponsored Post
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You know what people are always saying to me? They’re saying “Fudgey, when you’re slicing things, you take ages. Why do you take so long slicing things?” and I tell them it’s because the knife I’m using is as blunt as James Blunt’s wit when he searches his name on Twitter.

Well, not any more. Not with my brand new toy, RazorRed’s Best Knife Sharpener, a dinky little thing that now means my kitchen is the most dangerous place in the world.

RazorRed Knife Sharpener

So, what we’ve got here is a little red suction cup with a couple of mean looking tungsten carbide blades on the top. Bob the suction cup down on a smooth, clean surface and pull the lever down to fully activate the suction, and you’ve got an immovable object. So, instead of having to hold the thing when you sharpen your knife, running the risk of losing a thumb or finger or leg, you’re left with a safe ‘hands-free’ alternative.

Now, like I said above, the knives in my kitchen are really blunt. I’ve had them a few years (Gem threw away my favourite knife when I got them too, that kind of wasn’t a fun Christmas weekend, I didn’t stop sulking) and although I do have a little criss-crossy sharpener, it’s about as much use as a horse flying a helicopter. Well, I just spent fifteen minutes in the kitchen with this new gadget, and basically I could travel to Mordor and steal that ruddy ring that everyone seems to be making a fuss about in those documentaries with those midgets.

Seriously, these knives are better than new, and their sharpness has been successfully tested when I went on a rampage chopping up the insanely massive box that Amazon chose to send this item in. It was shortly after this that I got told to go and have a sit down and a rest.

RazorRed Knife Sharpener

So, the review, well, this sharpener works with both straight and serrated knives, as well as scissors, my Klingon Bat’Leth style pizza cutter, lawnmower blades and other things that need sharpening. It’s only 6″ tall so fits neatly away in my knife drawer and the suction cup worked perfectly, and I did try REALLY hard to pull it off the table once I’d suckered it down.

I’d highly recommend you go and pick up one of these from Amazon HERE, it’s only a tenner so it’s decent value and it’s a cracking bit of kit that my missus completely disapproves of, because I’m not to be trusted around sharp objects.

Also, check out RazorRed’s website for more fantastic goodies!

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