Women and Technology. A tribute. (Plus Free iPhone App!)

Posted: Jun 30, 2014 in awesome, Inventions, oooooh, Review, social media, social networking, Sponsored Post, YouTube
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Heyyyyyyyyyy there ladies, how are you?

I know next to nothing about women. Well, I know what various bits do and how to make them cross, but otherwise I’m about as clueless as they come. So when I’m asked to write an article about women for women, about using technology to juggle careers and family life, well what do I do?

That’s right! I run off to twitter and ask for help.

I drew a picture of a snail because girls like snails.

I drew a picture of a snail because girls like snails.

Well I got a mixed response, because most of them refuse to take me seriously, and most of them wanted to mock my poor spelling of the word ‘sentence’. YES I KNOW HOW IT’S SPELT NOW.

So, here’s a bunch of responses from the lovely photogenic ladies who agreed to humour me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, for starters, they all have really neat handwriting, but there’s almost a lot of useful tips and such there.

Why am I even writing a post about women for women, Fudgey? I hear you ask. Well, here’s the main thrust of this post (women like the word ‘thrust’)…

Vanaia have a fancy new app out, called ScanWritr and to promote it, they’ve got a fancy video, showing how women can use technology to make their family lives and careers easy and enjoyable. I’m pretty sure you’d like to see that, wouldn’t you…

ScanWritr allows you to take a photo of any document using your phone’s camera and using fancy futuristic magic (technology I don’t understand) it can convert it into a high quality digital document. It makes your paperwork transcend the realm of existence and enter the world of the internet, where no doubt it will spend it’s days playing with unicorns and fighting the wookie hole witch. Like I said, I don’t understand such things.

If you’re an iOSy appley person, have a look below for an exclusive offer, because I love you long time.

If you’re not, get yourself following one of these links, and use the code SCANWRITRFREEFAXTOKEN in the app to claim one of 1000 codes to get some free faxes from the app (There’s only 1000 of this code being spread over the interwebs though, so get in quick)…
ScanWritr on Googleplay is HERE
ScanWritr on Windows Phone is HERE
and last but not least, if anyone in the world still has a Blackberry, ScanWritr is HERE.

I have 100 copies of the Premium Version of the iOS ScanWritr app to give away, all you have to do is fill in your contact details below and wait for me to send you a code to redeem on the app store, again probably using magic.

And finally, I hope to continue to add to the gallery of photos of ladies holding pieces of paper saying why technology is awesome, so feel free to send your photos to letters@fudgecrumpet.com or use whatever kinds of futuristic technology you see fit to use.


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