Tribute to Modern Women – Update (More Free iPhone Apps!)

Posted: Jul 9, 2014 in app, awesome, Competition, free, iphone, Review, Review, Sponsored Post

Hey folks, just thought I’d pop an update to the Tribute to Women and Technology blog I posted a week or so ago. You remember the one, you got a free iphone app? It had lots of pictures of ladies with abnormally neat handwriting and eye makeup? No? You’re worse than a goldfish.

Well, Vanaia, the creators of the Scanwritr app have done a second video in honour of the fairer sex and they’d like you to watch it. It’s along the same lines as the first Tribute video, albeit with more clumsiness, spilled coffee and frowning.

Anyway, here you go…

And I still have a bunch of the Scanwritr iPhone apps to give away, just bob your details down below and I’ll send you the code to redeem the app, which helps you ‘scan’ in your important paperwork using your iphone camera, which you can then scribble all over, and email or fax to folk as you see fit.

So that’s your lot. Enjoy your free app and give a modern women a cuddle, because they deserve it. (ask permission first, and no gropeys)



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