Review – Millvale Bakery Cupcake Boxes

Posted: Jul 21, 2014 in Review, Review
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You ever have those kinda days when you’ve made a lot of cupcakes and you’ve promised your dad you’d bring some to work, but the missus won’t let you use the good Tupperware because last time you left it in the garden and a slug went on it? Yeah, we all do.

Well, that’s where a fancy cupcake box is needed, and if you want a cupcake box, you couldn’t go far wrong with one of these beauties from Millvale Bakery

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.

Available in 12, 6 and 4 cupcake sizes, with or without plastic windows, these cupcake boxes come unfolded and quickly fold up into the above examples of boxy goodness  (took me about 20 seconds per box, and I’m a slow clumsy lummox) . Each comes with a little internal tray to put your cupcakes in, so they don’t move about and each box has a flap to lock shut so when you drive to your local church fete they won’t go all squished up in the car.

2014-07-21 15.08.58

The boxes are fairly sturdy, and made from thick cardboard so they’re not going to go floopy at the first sign of pressure. That said, if your mum sits on them when she gets in the car, well, that won’t end well.

Each box is 4″ deep, so those fancy little decorations on top of your cakes are safe, and the boxes are made out of food-grade cardboard so nobody is going to die from eating your cupcakes, and if they do, it isn’t the boxes’ fault.

You can send your enquiries to or give them an old school teletinkle on 0844 874 7384.

Now, the downside to this review is that now I have to go and buy cupcakes, just to put in these boxes. I’m supposed to be on a diet and everything. Ah well, mine is a noble sacrifice…

  1. Lily Maguire says:

    Ideal! I am constantly taking my baked goodies here there and everywhere for all to enjoy and so many boxes smoosh or rip….need a decent 12 cake box to avoid the stack of 4s or 6s! and after having a look at their website I see I can have them printed with whatever I like that’ll be everyones christmas pressie this year cupcakes in a box with my beautiful face on it! hahaha!


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