All those words you use to describe that ‘crazy’ guy at the office party who drinks Pernod and Blackcurrant and is the first to run to the dancefloor if anything from the mid-late 90s rave scene is played.

Well, meet that guy’s shirt…

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I give you gnat.co.uk‘s Dress Shirt (with the Classic Collar), a one-in-a-million shirt made from a completely random mixture of patterns, for the man that likes to look just that little bit different and special.

So, yeah, I’m not looking too pleased with myself in that GIF, but I’m really not used to being ‘wacky’. I’m usually the one who sits in the corner at parties people-watching or playing Flappy Bird until someone comes and tells me to socialise. Whereas, this shirt is basically the opposite, it’s screaming LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW UTTERLY WACKY I AM! WHO WANTS TO DANCE TO THE JAPANESE VERSION OF YMCA WITH ME?

Yes, this exists.

So, we’ve got spots, we’ve got stripes, we’ve got 80s style badges, we’ve got a bit of chequering, we’ve got I don’t know what it is, and it certainly makes for a reaction. What that reaction actually is, well… I gave the nice folk on twitter a little preview before writing the review, and there were certainly a lot of different reactions. A couple did love it, although that may be because it’s half eight in the evening and they start drinking as soon as they finish work. Most folk were either confused, suffering from an instant migraine or pointing and laughing.

Like I said, it’s a unique shirt that’s bound to get you noticed. If you like getting noticed.

If you like to keep your wacky eccentricities to yourself, the front, collar and cuffs of the shirt are white, so you could easily cover everything up with a blazer or jacket, of course that kinda spoils the point, but I suppose it would make less people angry if you wore it to a funeral.

So, I’ve either convinced you this is the worst thing to hit fashion since the 1980s, or I’ve made you eager as heck to go and buy one. If you do fall into the latter camp, you can head across to gnat.co.uk and pick up one of these for £59.99, with which you’ll also get a similarly random (I think I use that in the right context here) bow tie to complete the ensemble. Also, if you head across to that site you get to see the model looking incredibly stern whilst wearing this shirt, which is both impossible and impossibly funny.

Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page, I’d love to hear your opinions, positive or negative about this shirt, perhaps offer me more modelling opportunities and the like…

Oh, and since wearing this, I have become celibate, so the missus tells me. Ah well.

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  2. Chris Jericho says:

    It almost looks like you are the model on the website. Uncanny.


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