Fudge’s Movie Night #16 – THE BATTERY!

Posted: Jul 22, 2014 in awesome, Movie, movie, Movie Night, movie night, Movie Review, oooooh, Review, Review, zombies
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So, before my Movie Night feature starts on it’s downward quality trajectory of Romero zombie films, after last time’s classic Dawn of the Dead, I thought I’d get a quickie post in about a new modern zombie classic, The Battery, released on DVD in the UK today (or yesterday, or 22nd July 2014, depending on when you read this).

The Battery

The Battery cost just $6000 to make and was filmed over 15 days. Not that it shows. What you’ve got here is a well polished, expensive looking buddy movie as Jeremy Gardner and Adam Cronheim star as Ben and Mickey, two former baseball players wandering around seemingly aimlessly through an abandoned world, ravaged by a zombie apocalypse.

Ben and Mickey wander about a zombie-packed countryside, with nowhere to go. Mickey spends much of his time retreating into his music collection, relying too much on Ben’s survival instinct and skills. Ben eventually teaches Mickey how to look after himself, and they find evidence of survivors, a girl named Annie and an organisation known as “The Orchard”. Of course, this being a zombie movie, things don’t end well, and we’re left with the longest, tensest final scenes of any movie I’ve seen.

They’re just a couple of realistic blokes! Zombie Wanking! Big Beard! That last twenty minutes (that feels like four hours)! If $6000 gets you this, why the hell are the $200million movies so shit? Extended boozing shenanigans! The loneliness and isolation of these two guys really gets to you! That Ending! It doesn’t look cheap!

It’s hard to review, because there are so many good moments I don’t want to spoiler! My mate Chris said that last twenty minutes was just too long (but to be fair, I think he was just worried)! It isn’t available on Blu-Ray in the UK FFS!


I first saw this at the Leeds Zombie Film Festival, and you can see my early thoughts about this slice of fried gold there.


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  2. […] Fudge’s Movie Night #16 – THE BATTERY! […]


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