Fudge’s Movie Night #18… LAND OF THE DEAD!

Posted: Jul 22, 2014 in Movie, movie, Movie Night, movie night, Movie Review, Review, Review, zombies
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Right, we’ve done the classic trilogy, now it’s just down to me to finish off the dregs of the Romero Zombie Saga. Let’s just be fairly quiet and not complain too much…

Land of the Dead

As you can probably tell from the EXCITED look on my face, this isn’t my favourite in the series. But, y’know, my loyal reading audience demands I endure such shittery for their entertainment, so here goes…

There are still zombies all over the shop, but now they are a bit more self-aware and ‘intelligent’! Everyone lives in a city run by Bowser, with the help of Luigi! Everyone is an arsehole! For some reason a really cool armoured van is important! Events and things happen in a seemingly random order! The film eventually ends!

Some of the zombie effects are wonderful! The series can only improve from here! It is less depressing that Day of the Dead!

‘Clever’ zombies are a fucking daft idea! The plot is a hotchpotch mix of guff and shittery! Luigi can’t act! Bowser can’t act! The only person who can act is ‘Big Daddy’ the zombie, and all he does is grunt and complain! Some of the humour is as funny as a horse walking into a bar that has already asked three horses why they had long faces and then had to explain to each of the horses why that was funny because they didn’t get it and insisted on being told what the joke was! The big armoured truck thing is somehow the most important thing ever! ‘Land’ isn’t a time of day and breaks with the titling convention! I had the comic of this and it made even less sense! Every character in the film is so bloody stupid! It’s not scary! It’s not funny! It’s not fun! It’s a disappointment along the lines of the McDonalds 1955 burger, the most disappointing burger I have ever had (ask the missus, she’ll confirm that I have complained about it once a week for the 2 and a bit years since I had it)


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