Fudgey’s Awesome People #1

Posted: Aug 11, 2014 in social media, social networking, Sponsored Post, twitter
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Some people say this blog is all ‘me me me’ and well, it kinda is, but sometimes I have the uncontrollable urge to pimp out other people who I think are awesome or who need their shit promoting or who paid me $5 to tell you they’re awesome on fiverr because I am a dirty whore. Well, that’s what this new feature type thing I’ve started will do. Admittedly, it might just be a one-shot, but y’know, it might work.

So without further faffery…

#1 Vikki Greer
AKA @TheBrakesy
AKA Horace The Vice Chancellor and Underlord of Sussex*


Founder of the World League of Hopscotch* and inventor of toast*, Vikki has her own awesome blog, which I recommend you go and have a look at, lots of good stuff there, including food stuff, reviews and deadly ninja video tutorials*.

She also has a funny, regularly updatedtwitter account, an instagram full of photos of her dinner and victims*

So, yeah, she’s awesome and you should go and pester her, tell her I sent you and she might treat you to a 10p mix of sweets* and partition wall fixings*. Also tell all your friends, colleagues, therapists, strangers and pets to say “Hi”. (Or “woof” if they are your pet dog. Or “Sausages”.)

*I made this bit up. Maybe.

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