Update – #ThePussycatRiot – Fun with Dictators

Posted: Aug 28, 2014 in social media, social networking, YouTube
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So, you all remember Mitzy’s important message about her stance on internet censorship, right?

You don’t? NOW YOU DO.

Well, those lovely people over at The Pussycat Riot headquarters have gone and declared all out war against those heads of state that seek to censor the internet, banning access to YouTube and such, basically preventing the world from seeing hilarious videos of cats, among other things.

Now of course, I don’t mean actual war. Basically, constructive teasing. What have they gone and made…


Yes, now your cat can scratch away to it’s heart’s content on the body and face of Russian mentalist Vladimir Putin, as well as his pal Kim Jong-un, son of him off of Team America.

Not only that, but what better way to show disrespect for evil internet censor dictator people than…
LitterTrays copy
…yeah, just take a shit on their face. That’ll learn em.

So, yeah, you can show your support and pick up some of these er… unique items from http://www.thepussycatriot.org/ with all the proceeds going to the charity index on censorship.


Right, that’s my blurb. I’m gonna post their original post, just in case I missed any vital details or if I accidentally called the guy in charge of a bunch of nuclear weapons a mentalist, enjoy…


Cats-against-internet-censorship campaign releases world’s first ‘cat protest products’, including Vladimir Putin scratching posts and Kim Jong Un cat litter trays
The popularity of cats on the internet knows no bounds… unless you live in a country that’s rife with internet censorship and bans the very sites that help create online these feline superstars. Well now, the cats of the free digital world are going on the attack and taking a swipe at the internet’s most dastardly dictators.
That’s with the news today that international ‘cats-against-cyber-censorship’ movement, The Pussycat Riot, has launched the world’s first-ever range of ‘cat protest products’. The satirical product range includes incredibly lifelike Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un cat scratching posts, as well as colourful cat litter trays literally bearing the Heads of State of Russia, Turkey, North Korea, Venezuela and Egypt.
At once satirising and observing oppressive online legislation in different countries, the first feline protest products give cat owners in ‘the free world’ the chance to make a statement like no other, and let their pets show the most odious of internet censors exactly what they think of them.
The complete cat protest product range includes:
  • Five cat litter trays carrying an image of an infamous internet censor. Choices include Russian premier Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Turkey’s recently re-elected Recep Tayipp Erdogan, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and Egypt’s Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Now cats can go to the toilet on the faces of the internet’s worst enemies.
  • Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un cat scratching post dolls for cats to get their claws into and tear to pieces.
The Pussycat Riot, established by global VPN provider HideMyAss.com, calls on cat owners to protest against regimes that deny their citizens the right to access websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; which not only robs them of news, ideas, opinion and knowledge, but also prevents them from experiencing the innocent delights of online cat pictures and videos.
Cian McKenna-Charley, of HideMyAss.com, commented: “To paraphrase its creator, the internet is for everyone. But try telling that to the rulers of countries who attempt to ‘own’ the net and control their citizens through censorship. Whether it’s Turkey’s and Venezuela’s bans on YouTube and Twitter, the ‘great firewall of China’, or Russia’s ‘law on bloggers’ and WiFi curbs, internet censorship is an indefensible attack on civil liberties and it must be stopped.”
The cat protest products can be ordered from the campaign website www.thepussycatriot.org, with all moneys raised being donated to the charity Index on Censorship. Cat owners and fans can also show their support for The Pussycat Riot by snapping a picture of their cat and sharing it to their social feeds using #ThePussycatRiot.
McKenna-Charley concluded: “The internet loves cats, with millions of feline videos and images shared online every day all around the world, and even annual internet cat video festivals held to celebrate the best memes and virals. To us the cat is a symbol of freedom, and of a fair and neutral internet. We can think of no better mascot to help us fight the ugly face of internet censorship than every netizen’s favourite four-legged friend.”
The Pussycat Riot counts some of the world’s most famous celebrity cats among its supporters, including the disarmingly pretty Nala_Cat; cross-eyed Jarvis P. Weasely; philosophical Henri Le Chat Noir; the famously ugly Stitch and Princess Monster Truck, whose underbite is as big as her persona.
HideMyAss.com proudly played a part in movements across the world, such as the Arab Spring, and more recently during the Turkish YouTube and Twitter bans – during which it enabled thousands of voices to be heard when they would otherwise have been gagged by their regimes’ controls.”
So, yeah, that was some proper grown up stuff. Woo. Tell all your friends.

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