The Ultimate Custom Trainers! (Urgent Kickstarter Appeal!)

Posted: Aug 29, 2014 in awesome, Sponsored Post

So, we’ve all been there, out shopping with the kids and they see a pair of designer trainers that they want. Then you look at the price. Then you book yourself into the clinic so you can sell your kidneys.


Well, now that situation has changed, with the introduction of the Rock Your Kicks kit, the ultimate paint kit to transform a pair of boring, plain sneakers or canvas trainers into something beautiful and unique and looking like you’ve sold your kidneys to pay for them.

Here’s a little vid, demonstrating the awesomesauce…

The kit includes paints especially for canvas, brushes, stencils and much more. There’s everything you need to make your shoes look awesome, and you don’t even need to be Boris VonFancyShoe to be able to make them look professional and amazing.

And if you get a move on now, at the point of writing, there are 28 and a bit hours left on the Kickstarter for this product, with an amazing bunch of incentives, so if you get donating, you could get a free paint kit, a backpack, a baseball cap or even more as an incentive.

So, while you go splash your cash, I’m going upstairs to find my old faux-converse trainers, and figure out how I’m going to decorate them. Not that I’m cool enough to be able to wear fancy shoes in public. I’m more work boots or flip flops. Yes, with socks.

Right, time’s a wasting, go and kickstart that thing. Yay!


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