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Posted: Sep 16, 2014 in Product review, Review, Review
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I don’t know about you, but my fridge is pretty damn boring. Gem won’t let me have any awesome cool fridge magnets, and as such all my Batman logos and Autobot symbols and inexplicable mini cheese grater magnets have to live in my mancave magnetted onto the side of my lamp.

Well, things are about to change now that I’ve got me some PicStick customised fridge magnets, featuring my face, my girls’ faces and Gem’s incredibly grumpy fridge magnet fascist face. I’m gonna decorate my fridge and make it awesome.

Fridge magnets

Yes, I do have a very sexy fridge, thank you for saying.

So, yeah, simply pop across to and for just nine and a half of your Great British Pounds (or 14.99 of your dirty American dollars) you get 9, yes NINE, fancy glossy magnets made from whatever photos you so desire.

Now, for some reason, Gem got in a fuss about photos of her face or the girls’ faces appearing on my blog, so only I can only show you one magnet. Be warned though, it’s damn sexy.

2014-09-11 20.10.11

The uploading process you use to send the photos to PicStick is really simple and quick, you simply choose your photos, then crop or rotate them to fit the magnets. Then, just give them money and the location of the house you live in, and they post them (for free! OOH!) across in a fancy sturdy envelope within a couple of days. (Then you spend three days in a narky mood because you’re having chocolate withdrawal, and then you write a review about them.)

The magnets are printed on fancy 200gsm art board and feel like they should be much more expensive, and measure 50x65mm, 0.75mm thick. So, they’re infinitely more awesome than that home-made magnet stuff you can get from PC world which goes manky when you put it on your fridge. Yes, I have experience in these matters.

Now, as you can probably tell, I’m pleased with these little things, and I’m going to go and recommend you get some for your fridge, which quite frankly looks rubbish at the moment. But, don’t just go spending nine and a half notes on getting some, no, I’m gonna give you a funky discount code and I’m not even going to ask for a hug or a biscuit in exchange for it. (although you can send me a biscuit anyway, I do like biscuits)

Anyway, I digress (but I don’t digest, because I don’t have any biscuits), use this here code to get 25% off your magnets, FUDGE25 and then tell all your friends to do the same, because then the PicStick people will think I’m awesome and then THEY might send me a biscuit. I really do like biscuits.

Mmm biscuits.

So, yeah, if you do go and take up this offer, I wanna see photos of your magnet-covered fridge in the comments section, maybe do something unique or funny with the pictures you choose. Nothing too rude, mind, you don’t want your fridge making you lose your appetite.

You can find PicStick‘s site HERE, they’re also on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+, among the tumbleweeds.

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