SPACE JUICE!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 in Alien, Aliens, Ass toffees, awesome, death, Fudgecrumpet, funny, YouTube

Thirty Pence.

You can’t put things on sale for 30p and expect me not to try it. Especially when it has an alien head and it is blue and it is called Space Juice. So when your eager hero ventured out to the ice cream shop at some silly time at night for some reason, and such a thing caught his eye, well the inevitable happened.

My incredible odyssey into drinking liquid death can be seen below…

…Avenge me.

  1. […] is in the sewers now wandering about, being stealthy, putting blue flavoured space juice over stuff to tidy it up. Then she goes into an area of particularly poor lighting and puts little […]


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