Coral’s Comedy Video Campaign plus WIN a £10 Bet!

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Competition, football, funny, YouTube

Coral, they of the bookmaking and gambling opportunity, have launched a brand new ad campaign featuring YouTube sensation Darren Farley and model Carly Naker, running a burger van visited by various spot-on football celeb impressions from Farley.

You can catch one of the clips below, and go and search for the rest, featuring such ‘stars’ as Wayne Rooney, Stephen Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Harry Redknapp, all struggling in one way or another to purchase grilled meat based goods.

Here’s my favourite of the set, in which Wayne Rooney attempts to get a salad.

Have a look through the other videos too, they’re all pretty good, and Farley’s impressions are top notch.

And, so, yeah, COMPETITION TIME!

If you want to win a free £10 bet at Coral, just answer the difficult question below, fill in your details and that and Yay, you might win.
Competition ends on 30/09/14, my decision is final yadda yadda yadda etc.

Which of the following would you NOT expect to find at a greasy burger van?
A – a bacon cheeseburger, dripping in sweaty fat
B – a hot dog, made from unidentified meat parts, covered in an approximation of onions
C – Braised Winter Greens With Roasted Beets and Cipollini Onions

So, good luck with the competition, watch the videos, have a cup of coffee. All is good.




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