Review – Blaze On Magical Butterfly LED Fairy Lights

Posted: Sep 27, 2014 in fashion, Product review, Review, Review, YouTube

Hi there, you lot.

It’s review time again, and as you’ve come to expect from me. It’s a review of something extremely macho and manly and…

Oh, wait…. Meg’s here.


She wants to review fairy lights. Manly fairy lights?

Magical Butterfly Fairy Lights.

Well. The Boss has spoken. I guess we’ll have to write a blog about drills and moustache trimmers in another blog, it’s time to review…


Blaze On Butterflies Box

I may not win many Man Points for this review, but my Dad Points are going through the roof.

In this fancy cardboard box are 20 little butterflies, with fabric wings, little bead bodies and sequins, all wired together with LED lights (with a plug on the end. Because science). Meg chose the ‘Lavender Garden’ butterflies, so they’re in white and purple.

Here are all the bulbs wrapped up on her bunk bed (yes, her sister in the top bunk is v jealous)…

blaze-on on bed

Yeah, that’s a Totoro with a cuddly Optimus Prime and a dog dressed as Captain America. Shush, look at the fairy lights.

Here’s a closer look…

blaze on close up

Very pretty and that. Not as fancy as say, a DeWalt 18V hammer drill, but nice and posh and lovely.

Ok, I’ll confess, I’m the wrong person to be writing this review and the right person to write this review doesn’t know how to type anything except ‘POOPDADDY’… So…



So, a score of 100/10. That’s good right?

In summary, you’ve got 20 of these little things, with an LED life expectancy of about 10 years or 100,000 hours (so basically they’ll last until we have hover-cars and world peace). they don’t give off any heat (so you won’t set fire to your children) and they’re extremely energy efficient (so if your kid ends up wanting them switched on all night, it won’t cost the earth).

Meg thinks these are yellow, I think it's more the light from the LED. They're white when they're switched off.

Meg thinks these are yellow, I think it’s more the light from the LED. They’re white when they’re switched off.

You can find these exact lights HERE, or browse the entire Blaze On site HERE or visit one of their two stores in Camden, which is in London I think. Possibly near where they used to film TV-AM.

COMPETITION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You could win <Prize TBC – it’ll be awesome, I promise> by answering this difficult question…

LED stands for what?
A. Lawrence Edward Dodgson
B. Look! Enormous Dinosaur!
C. Light Emitting Diode

Just bob your email address and your answer and that in the boxes below and they should find their way to me via the magic of the internet.
Competition Closes on 5th October 2014, my decision is final, etc etc.

So, good luck with that.

Also, why not tell all your friends about If only to showcase Meg’s talents as a product tester. Ta.

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