Review – Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale

Posted: Sep 30, 2014 in Product review

Time for another review, and I’m sure you’re all eager to find out how much I weigh for some reason because that’s the sort of thing the internet likes to prod it’s nose into. Well, coincidentally a brand new set of digital bathroom scales have shown up and I’m going to review the arse off them right now.


Me. Being weighed.

First off, these scales look like some sort of thing from the future, glass and silver and a fancy wide glowing blue LCD screen. The instant you stand on the scales, the display switches on and your weight pops up, in a choice of lb, kg or stones (easily swapped by a handy button on the back). There are four little hard feet keeping the scales level, providing an accurate reading and a nice hard surface to stand on.
The scales work equally well on a hard wood floor and a soft carpet (although this isn’t recommended, as for some scientific reason soft carpet is bad) and have an auto-power-off function to save the batteries (4 x AAA, included). The scales go up to 440lb/200kg in 0.2lb/0.1kg increments.

Ozeri Digital Scales

sans feet.

Also included with the scales are a free body tape measure and a body fat caliper, devices that look like some sort of torture device but are actually used to do some sort of scientific thing to decide if you’re fat or not, by ‘pinching an inch’ and such. I have no intention on using them, but as an added free gift they’re fantastic.

Things from Space

For just about £20, this scale is fantastic value for money, and the inclusion of the batteries, as well as the free measuring tools are an extra bonus.

You can find the scales on AMAZON, as I expect you will no doubt go and make a purchase right now because you trust my reviewing judgement. Go on then. There you go. And now I’m just sat here typing to myself. So lonely…

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