#earlybirdchallenge Day One.

Posted: October 2, 2014 in #earlybirdchallenge

Well, good morning.

As mentioned in my previous post www.freeofficefinder.com are trying to get everyone to stop wasting their early hours, to do something healthy, creative or fun and to promote a better lifestyle using their #earlybirdchallenge.

So, with my alarm, set for 6:25, rather than the usual 6:45, and refusing to snooze (usually til 7) I’ve had some extra time to spend this morning before I head off to work at 7:20. The kids went to a birthday party last night so they’re both knackered, meaning I didn’t get my usual bonkers-early wake-up call.

So, I’m all dressed and ready for work early, and I have a good half an hour or so to spare. What to do with my time…?

Job One.
Mend my headphones.
Found these broken in the Mancave last night, I think Jess didn’t want to own up to fixing them. Still nothing a bit of superglue wouldn’t fix.
This would have been the sort of job that I would have put off until last thing at night, but thanks to getting up a bit earlier, It’s all done before the culprit is even awake to face my wrath. Well, I say wrath, some sort of passive aggressive patronising parenting comment.

Job Two.
Blog nonsense.
Well, I’m not including typing up this post, because that’s cheating, but I have just spent a good ten minutes running round the house (quietly, nobody else has volunteered to take part in the challenge!) using my phone camera to record random bits of spooky footage for my upcoming Ghostbusters blogpost. I really doubt I would have had the chance to do this this evening, especially with cries of “What the hell are you doing?” from Gem. I’m not going to post any of that stuff online now though as 1. it’d make me late for work because youtube is the slowest of all the bitches, and 2. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise/disappointment.

Job Three.
I guess I have no excuse for not doing these this morning. Put away all the washed dishes, fed the cat, had a little tidy up. All good. Should put me in the good books, although I’ve probably done it wrong somehow.

So, that’s my #earlybirdchallenge for today. Tomorrow I expect to see you guys finding some way to use your morning time constructively, and I wanna know all about it (except the masturbatory ones) in the comments section.

Woo Hoo I’m awake!


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