#earlybirdchallenge Day Three.

Posted: October 4, 2014 in #earlybirdchallenge

Good morning everyone.

Yes it is early.

Yes it is.

It’s Saturday, this is early.

Shush, I’ll fight you. Rarr.

Aaaaanyway, continuing my early morning adventures with www.freeofficefinder.com‘s #earlybirdchallenge and aided by the kids and their incredibly pointy limbs, I’m up and doing stuff at an ungodly hour on a Saturday.
I’ll probably see the positive side to this later, but right now I’m just regretting watching Alien Vs Predator 2 until late last night. Good grief that was awful.


I actually have very little to do this morning. I can’t make breakfast yet, because Gem isn’t joining in with the #earlybirdchallenge (she’s not a morning person. In much the same way that a murderous creature from the depths of Hades isn’t a cuddly snuggle buddy).
I suppose I could do chores, but you don’t wanna read about that. I could possibly write an in depth, yet comical analysis of the terrible Saturday Morning cartoons the kids are making me watch, but I really don’t think it’d be healthy to pay attention to them.

I think that means only one thing.

One thing left to do.

Yes, you know what I’m thinking.




See you later.

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