#earlybirdchallenge Day Five

Posted: October 6, 2014 in #earlybirdchallenge

Hey folks, a bit of a rushed #earlybirdchallenge today. Which I know goes kind of against www.freeofficefinder.com‘s remit to have a nice relaxing, but activity filled morning, but really I’ve been bonkers busy.

So, I got up nice and early, alarm set for 6:25 as usual. But it seems I underestimated the time it would take to do the activity I chose.

Wrapping up eBay stuff. Ugh.

2014-10-06 07.14.46

What a horrible chore that is. My fingers sting from ripping tape, papercuts abound, much nonsense. Why people can’t just visit me to pick up their eBay purchases, I’d even make them a cup of coffee if they wanted. Yeah, I know they’d have to drive or get the bus or whatever but I do make a great cup of coffee.

So, on a negative point, it’s not left me much time to write this blog before heading off to work, so I’m gonna have to love you and leave you. Tomorrow I might use my extra morning time to make a loom band or some such nonsense.

Buh bye 😉

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