#earlybirdchallenge Day Six

Posted: October 7, 2014 in #earlybirdchallenge


Looom Bands! Looom Bands! Loooooooooooooooooooooooom Bands! Loooooooooom Bands!

Loom Bands



Loom Bands Loom Bands Loom Bands Loom Bands!

Loom Bands.

And ahem… yeah. Sorry about that.

So, to fill my morning as part of www.freeofficefinder.com‘s #earlybirdchallenge this morning, I decided to do some more practice with this year’s cabbage patch kids/tamigotchi/pornhub, LOOM BANDS.

I’ve had experience of this before, and I’m pretty sure you’ve already watched it, but as I’m limited for time to upload a new video, I’m gonna do the green thing and recycle. Don’t mock my hair.

Well, it’s not what I would call fun, and besides the inevitable painĀ in my fingers I think it’s been fairly relaxing and satisfying. The perfect thing to fill a Tuesday morning.


It’s my final #earlybirdchallenge tomorrow, so if you want to suggest an activity, please leave a comment below or pester me on twitter, as I have no idea what I’m gonna do after reaching an obvious high point with today’s activity. The best suggestion will win this here loom band bracelet that I’ve made.

Yeah, sexy prizes.

See you tomorrow, bright and early!


So, it’s my final #earlybirdchallenge tomorrow, I’d welcome some suggestions for an activity





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