#earlybirdchallenge Day Seven

Posted: October 8, 2014 in #earlybirdchallenge

Good morning all. It’s 6:30 and you join me for my final* #earlybirdchallenge in association with freeofficefinder.com, in which every effort is made to encourage everyone to use the early hours before work/school/jeremy kyle constructively, be it for something fun, something useful and boring, or something utterly pointless.

*my final documented challenge, I may well continue to get up early and do something, I just won’t be telling you about it.



Today’s activity is one of contemplation, as I write this post and consider the end of the challenge, followed by a quick trip to the sorting office to pick up a parcel (which may or may not be coffee beans).

So, what have we achieved from this experience?

1. I got that there Ghostbusters costume review done, which over 3 people have watched and been moderately confused by.
2. I used up all the bread making toast on a morning, which I’ve never had time to do before.
3. I have watched all the episodes of The Furchester Hotel, and I highly recommend it.

What could you achieve from joining in with the challenge?

1. You could get yourself motivated and do some exercise first thing, go for a run or something.
2. You could make yourself a hearty breakfast, maybe a sandwich.
3. You could do a jigsaw. I was going to do a jigsaw for one of my challenges, but that happened to be the day when everyone else was having a lie-in, and I didn’t want to wake them up.

Even though I’m not continuing this blog series, I’m going to be up and about getting stuff done on a morning, and I’d love you to join me.

While you’re at it, if you wanna check out www.freeofficefinder.com, the brains behind this challenge, see what they have to offer by way of searching for the ideal good value office space for your business, which I gather is a very useful thing, and something I might have to consider, as it’s very cramped and small in my mancave/office, it being the cupboard under the stairs. Anyway, check them out, and tell them I sent you (it won’t make the slightest bit of difference, it’s just a cold morning and burning ears would at least warm me up a bit)

And that’s the #earlybirdchallenge. I hope to see you tomorrow morning, maybe we could get something fun done together. No, not that. Filth.

  1. Adam Seaton says:

    Maybe I should take part so I can clear my video game pile of shame?


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