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Posted: Oct 14, 2014 in costume, Product review, Review, Review, YouTube
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Hi everyone, Meg joins me again for another review, although for obvious reasons, she is a little excitable.

Yes, it’s the Elsa dress from Disney’s Frozen, from a lovely blue dress, with a cape and a fancy brooch.

Elsa Dress

I guess without further ado, here’s the review… Well, I say review, it’s edited down from about half an hour of excitable almost-5-year-old, but I guess you can get the general drift of how much she adores the costume. 800/10 indeed.

I hope you enjoyed that, it certainly was painful to make. I mean, why would she pull my beard? That’s just cruel.

Anyway, boring stuff, the dress is very well made, and while not official Disney goodness certainly doesn’t feel like a cheap knock-off. Meg has worn it several times, and it has held up to a lot of punishment, jumping and beard-violence without ripping or showing signs of wear and tear. Meg wasn’t a fan of the brooch, which has a lovely picture of Elsa that my phone refuses to focus on for a decent picture, but I think that’s the only negative I can offer about this.

The costume is available HERE for the bargain price of £18.99 from Leeds’ own Otley Run Fancy Dress, and I’d highly recommend picking one up.

Now, who wants to partake in the construction of a frozen water person?

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