Review – Durgol Swiss Espresso

Posted: Oct 21, 2014 in Coffee, Product review
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Hey everyone. This light lit up the other day on my coffee machine and I had a right old panic.

Scary light of coffee doom

What does this light mean? I hear you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It means I CAN’T HAVE ANY COFFEE BECAUSE MY COFFEE MACHINE NEEDS CLEANING OUT. I bloody well need my coffee. If I didn’t have my fancy coffee fix I’d be asleep while operating heavy machinery and orphans would die.

Fortunately for both the orphans and the health and safety executive, I have discovered the solution.

DURGOL SWISS ESPRESSO, the coffee machine decalcifier that gets rid of all the bad limescale and gunk and that and leaves you with a lovely fancy espresso with that signature ‘cream’ top that your missus doesn’t like because her idea of good coffee is Mellow Birds.


So, yeah, Durgol does indeed sound like a Klingon battlecry, but what it does is it flushes through your coffee machine, removing all that limescale and grime ten times faster than rival descalers. It leaves no residue and is completely odourless.

What you get in the box is a bottle of this awesome magic stuff, and a really, really thick instruction book which as well as telling you what to do with the product gives you a lovely little science lesson all about Lime, and decalcifying and why you shouldn’t put vinegar in your coffee machine, which I would have thought would have been bloody obvious.


Each 125ml bottle of Durgol contains one ‘dose’, capable of decalcifying one espresso machine, and up to 10g of lime, which is a lot of lime.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, that I’m pouring some sort of magic chemical into my coffee machine and then flushing it down the sink, isn’t that going to kill all the ducks and the environment and that? Well, no, no it isn’t. Durgol Swiss Espresso is environmentally sound, and can help to neutralise lye, left in water from detergents and that. So, really you’re helping all the ducks and the environment and that. Yay you.

The next thing I know you’re going to ask is this, how the blooming heck do you use it. This is how. You pour it into the water tank, with a big sploosh of water, according to your coffee machine’s instructions. Then you run your coffee machine as normal (don’t include coffee beans, dumbass). Then run it though a couple more times with a couple of tanks of clean tap water, and you’re all set. All decalcified and that. My spell check really doesn’t like the word decalcified, maybe it’s a fan of lime.


So, that’s your lot. If your coffee machine has a scary red light, you want to save the orphans, or you want to protect some ducks, head across to and get yourself some of this. Smashing stuff. Mmmm Coffee.

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