Review – LETTERS FROM SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Oct 30, 2014 in Christmas, Kids, Product review, Review, Review, Santa, Xmas
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Yes, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so what better time to review a fantastic service to get your kids believing in the magic of Christmas, with Lapland Mailroom’s Letters from Santa.

Lapland Mailroom

So, what you have here is a website where for the bargain price of £6.95 you get your kids a personal letter from Santa Claus/Father Christmas,  and a free (for a limited time) ‘nice child’ certificate to make your kid feel super-awesome.

When you enter the Lapland mailroom site you get a choice of letters, each feels very personal, and surprisingly funny (Santa comes across as incredibly wry and British). You get to insert your kid’s name into the letter, along with a mention for their favourite friend or relative, what they want for Christmas, where they live and any other special achievements they have fulfilled or hope to fulfill before Santa pays a visit.
Each letter is unique and the choice of four different letters means that if you have more than one kid, than they’re not going to be getting the same mass-produced nonsense that some Santa letter writers send out (obviously this place employs the REAL SANTA, and all those others just use his helpers)

It’s all very easy to do, and you get to see a full preview of the letter before you place your order. For an additional £1.00, you get an activity pack full of colouring sheets, cut out and keep activities, a Christmas card and so forth.

The letter comes sealed up and addressed to your child in the post within a couple of days, and no doubt within a few seconds you’ll find bits of envelope all over the living room floor.

santa letter

Jess and Meg loved their letters, and Meg has laid claim to all the activity sheets, using them not only for colouring but for practising writing and scribbling. All the sheets are printed on nice thick high quality paper and feel lovely, and the letter and certificate themselves come in full colour and look wonderful.

Unless they’re right miserable buggers, I’m sure your kids would love to receive one of these letters, younger kids especially would love the activity pack. I’d highly recommend you head across to their site now and get a letter ordered right now. Awesomesauce.


Ho Ho Ho Merry… Merry… No it’s still too early. Ugh.

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