Review – KineMaster Video Editing App for Android

Posted: Nov 1, 2014 in Android, app, Movie, movie, Product review, Review
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Hey everyone, did I tell you I got a new phone? Well I did and it’s awesome. Not only do I get more than 3 hours of battery life, I can also play with the plethora of funky apps and features that live on the internet and mock people who don’t have fancy new phones.

One app that I’ve discovered and found especially useful, if not utterly awesome, is KineMaster, a video editing app that lets me make funky movies without having to resort to the hateful wench that is Windows Movie Maker.



So what you’ve got here is an app that lets you record, edit and add music and such to your videos. Once you’ve done all that, you can upload your vids to YouTube, Facebook or whatever, and annoy your friends with your sub-par acting skills and unreasonable amount of saying ‘er’.

Now, I’ve only had my new phone a few days so I’ve not had a chance to try out every feature but here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

You can…

Record vids directly from the app, or import from elsewhere on your phone.

Edit movies, crop, trim and split clips then move them about. Crop out all the boring bits between sentences so you can look like Jenna Marbles or whatever.

Add animated transitions based on themes such as ‘comic book’, ‘energy’ and of no interest to me at all 😉 ‘transformer’.

Add music, sound effects and such, including various bits of music provided with the themes.

Add animated titles and captions, stickers and such.

Do fancy colour effects and filters, like instagram but useful.

Muck about with the speed of your clip, make it go in slo-mo or all sped up like you’ve eaten your dad’s tablets again.

and probably so much more!

And because I know there’s nothing more exciting than a list of things in a review, here’s the first video I made using KineMaster, with a little help from the equally funky FX Guru app. Excuse my dishevelled state, for some reason I decided to record this while sat on the kitchen floor. I think maybe Gem was watching Nashville or TOWIE or something.

You liked that? Good, that was my first go, which just goes to show how easy it is to use.

When you’re all done and dusted making your movie, you can export it to your phone in Low Quality (640 x 360), Medium (960 x 540) or Maximum Definition (1280 x 720) and you can remove that watermark by purchasing an subscription to the app (£2.91 a month or £23.25 a year, with a free trial period), which I think is fairly cheap for such a powerful bit of software.

You can find KineMaster on the web HERE, with their YouTube channel HERE.

You can find the app on the Google Play store HERE, and a list of compatible phones HERE.
I used a Samsung Galaxy Alpha for the purposes of this review and because it’s damn awesome but Angry Birds Transformers keeps crashing.


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