Review – Serafino Double-wall Thermo Glass Set by Ozeri

Posted: Nov 10, 2014 in Coffee, Product review, Review
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You and your mum both know i like a cup of coffee. In fact, you’ve probably seen me on Twitter at 1am bouncing off the walls complaining about not being able to sleep. Well, now I’m having coffee in an entirely different way. No, not dressed as a Mexican while riding a tame wildebeest, from an awesome Ozeri Serafino Thermo Glass.


A Glass of Coffee. YEAHHH

So, these glasses are fancy looking things, with a double layer so your hands stay nice and cool even when holding a cup of satan’s spiciest pumpkin spiced latte.
Coming in a box of four, these glasses feel lighter than they look, and each holding 0.24l of funky wake-up juice (a normal sized cuppa).


The glasses are made from mouth-blown Borosilicate glass, which not only sounds like some sort of sexy science act but also means they’re heat and shatter resistant so when you inevitably throw one at the cat, you won’t have too much work on your hands tidying up.


You can also use these for cold drinks, and the double wall thermo feature means the glass is free of condensation, so no more soggy fingers or accidental slippage when you’re serving a chilled glass of whatever it is people who don’t just drink coffee drink. Ribena or whatever.


All in all, an awesome set of glasses, with a funky unique look that makes an excellent addition to my kitchen cupboard.
I was gonna say they were smashing, but that’s probably the wrong choice of phrase.

You can pick up these funky mugs on Amazon and you can make me a cup of coffee with milk and no sugar while you’re at it.

  1. Sage says:

    Loving these! Great for Summer alfresco stylish dining. Come back Sunshine!!


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