It’s Band Aid again. Song Parody

Posted: Nov 17, 2014 in Fudgecrumpet
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In which a hairy millionaire tramp demands we send money to this year’s trendy cause… anyway, here’s  a lyrical parody. Now go and donate some money to a proper charity.


Bob Geldof’s here – and theres no need to be afraid,
There’s Bono too, with sunglasses in the shade.
And in their world of plenty, they’ve got all their famous mates.
To make another song,
It’s Band Aid Time.

So plug your ears, here comes another one.
They’re different words, parody but without the fun.
There’s a word or two that’s different, this year’s charity theme,
Coz the last one got so boring, like a worn out facebook meme.
See me hold my headphones, singing nice and loud
This bit doesn’t rhyme, fuck you I’m Bono.

It’s not even Christmas time for a month yet,
The lyrics don’t make a lot of sense.
Badly filmed video,
With clips of crying kids.
They have known it’s Christmas time
Since June.

Here we go,
Feels like we’re banging on.
There you are,
Onion up the turkey’s bum .
It’s not even Christmas for a month.

Feed the World, let’s go to a tax haven
Feed the World, Ocado can bring me wine
Heal the World, Repeat this bit ad infinitum


(Now if anyone with a modicum of musical talent wants to sing, arrange and warble this song, get your people to get in touch with my people. I don’t have any people)

  1. Josie Beard says:

    I thought it was brilliant, I sang along!


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