Pit and Bits Caption Competition!!!!!

Posted: Dec 2, 2014 in Competition, Fitness, social media

Hey folks, just a quickie,

ooh er missus.

Remember that there Pits and Bits towel off Body Wash I reviewed ages ago? Yeah, of course you do. Well, they’re running a funky caption competition where one lucky winner can get a ticket to the FIRST DEVIL MUD RUN RACE in February 2015. Yeah, that sounds like hard work and that.

So basically this week they want a funny (and more than likely family friendly) caption for this here photo…

And over the next few weeks they’ll be posting a couple of other photos for you to write something funny about. Each week’s winner will get themselves a Pits and Bits kit (awesome soapy goodness for when you’re not near a shower) and one lucky chap or lady will win a ticket to yonder mud run. Good luck and that! Yay!

Click HERE to go directly to the competition page on the facebook for instructions, terms and condition and such and click the pic below to go and see what all that Devil Mud Race nonsense is all about…



Good luck! Have fun! Don’t make the dog cry by mocking it’s wellies!

  1. Ali says:

    Oh ace I am looking forward to this one but not registered yet……..Fingers crossed it’s me!!


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