Review – Yucoco Personalised Chocolate Bar

Posted: December 2, 2014 in awesome, Product review, Review, Review, YouTube

So, hypothetical situation time.

You’ve been tasked with buying Sandra in accounts this year’s Secret Santa present. Her husband just left her to move to Algeria with Bruno the masseur , her cat’s just died, last year someone bought her gardening gloves and she fell face first into a patch of poison ivy… How do you make her happy this festive season?

Personalised Chocolate. Oh Effing Yeah.


Yes. That does say ‘The Fudgey Bar’.
Yes. That is chocolate with licquorice on it.
Yes. That is chocolate with milk bottles on it.
Yes. That is chocolate with pretzels on it.

Anyway, seeing as words are not enough to convey how bloody awesome this is, I made a bit of a video review. So, without further ado…


So, as promised in my silly little effort of a video review, links and such.

You can get hold of your own Yucoco personalised chocolate bar from, or if you’d like pester them on Facebook, annoy them on Twitter or Ogle them on Instagram.
They usually cost less that £10, depending on your choice of toppings and are usually delivered within 3-5 days.
The bars are 140g of chocolatey goodness and you get a choice of all sorts of toppings, from the sensible (fudge, sweets, pretzels(?)) to the utterly shizzlebonkers (wasabi peas, mini-chocolate bars (for playing Chocolate Inception with)). There is no option for any sort of meat topping at this stage. Not even bacon. Maybe if you nag for me. Ta.

Oh, and for £1.75 extra you can send a handwritten card apologising for putting wasabi beans on Sandra’s chocolate bar.

yucoco_slider page_steps_1.1_5458eca94122a.jpg

So, yeah, that’s basically Secret Santa sorted for another year. Yeahhhhhh.



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